31 Nightmares: A Horror/Halloween Retrospective

31 Nightmares, Movies, TV

A retrospective series I’ll be doing, taking place Oct. 1-31, taking look at an assortment of Horror/ Halloween movies and TV shows.

I have a good idea of all the movies/TV shows I’ll be talking about. The list I’ve compiled has some titles you’d expect but also wouldn’t expect. So, if you even care about this, don’t get up in arms about why a certain movie/TV show or franchise isn’t on the list. These were just the movies/TV shows I wanted to talk about, whether for their quality or raising up a point about the film industry.

Also, don’t expect all these films to be horror films. I’m doing just some fun Halloween movies/TV shows too, just cause I feel like it.

So, join me on Oct. 1 for the first review. Oh, what will it, ooo mystery (no one cares). I’m also honestly not sure which one I’ll do first.

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