Box Office: “Mag 7” Takes Slow Last Weekend of September

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“The Magnificent Seven” took first place in the slow last weekend of September.

“Mag 7” took in $34.7 million over the weekend in it’s debut. Along with $21.3 million internationally. If “Mag 7” can hold up decently against “Miss Perengrine’s” next weekend, and keep it’s drop under fifty percent, it will-hopefully-turn a profit.

The animated family feature “Storks” took second with $21.3 million domestically, and $18.6 million internationally. With a relatively small budget of $70 million, it shouldn’t have a problem profiting.

Taking third, Sully is still soaring with $13.5 million domestically, bringing it to a worldwide total of $127.1 million. “Sully” has already proved profitable for Warner Bros. with it’s $60 million budget.

Taking fourth, “Bridget Jones’s Baby” took in $4.6 million domestically. The film is doing excellent internationally, bringing in $67.4 million in two weeks. Which is four time what it’s made domestically. The film has definitely been a hit for Universal.

“Snowden” beat out “Blair Witch” by only $3,000 for fifth place. It took in $4.1 million over the weekend, domestically. It’s $40 million budget is holding it back from being a success though.



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