Five Quintessential Batman Stories For Every Batman Fan

DC Comics

Today’s every DC fans favorite day of the year, “Batman Day”. That’s right, if you didn’t know, The Dark Knight has his own day. But, maybe you’re new to the DC Universe or Batman comics. Where should you start? We’ve got you covered.

5. Batman: Year One

Written By Frank Miller

Illustrated by David Mazzucchelli


Batman: Year One tells us the story of Bruce Wayne in his first year as Batman. Everyone knows Batman’s origin, we’ve seen it in about every Batman movie ever. But not everyone knows about his first year as Batman. Him and the GCPD weren’t always on good terms, neither were him and Commissioner Gordon. Though a hero, in his first year Batman was viewed as a ruthless vigilante. We also get to see Bruce Wayne deal with what he’s become. “Batman: Year One” is a must read for any Batman newbie.

4. The Dark Knight Returns

Written And Illustrated By Frank Miller


“The Dark Knight Returns” is probably the most famous DC Comics series ever. It’s the series in which Batman beat Superman. It’s still constantly debated about to this day. Superman fans say it doesn’t count since it’s not canon, Batman fans say it does. Decide for yourself. It’s was also an inspiration for “Batman V Superman”. The Dark Knight Returns is about Batman in his old age, he’s become unhinged, he doesn’t care how bad he hurts criminals anymore. He even kills once. The government doesn’t like this, and sees Batman as an embarrassment. They hire the one man to take him out-Superman. If you’re a Batman fan, you’re gonna want to “The Dark Knight Returns” a read. It’ll help when you’re fending off against Superman fanboys in YouTube comments sections.

3. Batman: The Court Of Owls

Written By Scott Snyder

Illustrated By Greg Capullo


“Batman: The Court Of Owls”” was actually my first Batman story, and I’m glad I started off with it. “The Court Of Owls” is the start of Batman’s New 52 run, which was DC’s re-launch back in 2011. So it’s perfect for any newcomers as it starts on issue #1 of a whole new reboot. “The Court Of Owls” is a psychological thriller type of story, even sometimes a horror. “The Court Of Owls” is about Batman finding out about a secret organization that has been running Gotham for centuries-The Court Of Owls. They’re a group of men, women and children that wear owl masks, and control the political figures of Gotham with there threating “Talons”, who are assassins for The Court. This story shows Batman’s darker, more tormented side. The Court tears him apart psychologically. It’s an interesting read because it shows that Batman’s world is much darker than we could have ever imagined.

2. Batman: Death Of The Family

Written By Scott Snyder

Illustrated By Greg Capullo


“Batman: Death Of The Family” (not to be confused with “Death In The Family”) is basically another psychological thriller type of story. It’s even darker than “The Court Of Owls”. It’s about The Joker escaping Arkham Asylum (without his face-not kidding) and setting out on a mission to “liberate” Batman by killing the Bat-Family. Sounds pretty crazy, right? “Death Of The Family” is most famous for it’s unique take on the Joker. He’s even more insane than usual, and doesn’t have a face like I mentioned earlier. It’s the darkest Batman story in the New 52 run. It’s incredibly suspenseful, and gets you reading faster just to get to the next page.

1. Batman: The Killing Joke

Written By Alan Moore

Illustrated By Brian Bolland


No, not the animated movie, don’t even bother with that. I’m talking about the graphic novel. “The Killing Joke” is not only-in my opinion-the best Batman story of all time, but one of the best graphic novels of all time also. It’s about the Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum-as usual-to show Batman how “all it takes is one bad day” to be pushed over the edge, to show him anyone can be “the Joker”. Not only is it fantastically written, the art is absolutely beautiful in “The Killing Joke”. And the themes displayed in the short but sweet novel are rich and powerful. It’s also been the center of debates since released, but I’ll let you find out why on your own.

So give those a read if you’re new to Batman or the DC world, it’ll be worth your while. What are your five favorite Batman stories? Let us know in the comments below!


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