How Blair Witch Being a Sequel is a Blessing and a Curse (31 Nightmares #8)

31 Nightmares

In which an embarrassingly lazy horror film is compared to an actual horror film. I’ll let you decide which film is which.

“Blair Witch” was not a long awaited film, since it was a surprise. If you’re not aware, this film was a secret “Blair Witch” sequel under the title of “The Woods,” which was revealed at Comic-Con 2016. That brings up an interesting question, would most people even care about this movie if it wasn’t a Blair Witch sequel? I’m going to go with a strong no on that one.


“Blair Witch” is a humiliating disappointment. The film takes most of the same story beats of “The Blair Witch Project,” while also barely expanding on the mythology. “Blair Witch” has echoes of the lazy horror reboot, “Friday the 13th” (2009) and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (2010). Instead of actually trying to create their own iconic moments, or just letting those moments happen as they should, these films just take the iconic moments of the films they’re either a reboot or sequel of.

Part of where “Blair Witch Project’s” scariness comes from is in the realism, due to the acting and how the film was filmed. The movie can sometimes feel excessive, but the excessiveness adds to the movie being able to be played off as real. “Blair Witch” just doesn’t have that the effect. Most of the acting is pretty bad. The jump scares are not scary and just insulting. The movie also looks too clean to, due to obviously how modern the technology in this movie is. Ones of the cameras used for a shot is an older quality camera, and the less crisp quality adds so much. Either just using that camera or set this in 1994, following the events of the first movie, using the same plot would’ve been much better.

To “Blair Witch’s credit though, some of last 10-15 minutes are kinda cool. There’s an actual legitimate scare, and the film gains some momentum. The movie finally feels more as if it’s finally coming into it’s own. Unfortunately, the movie goes against the first “Blair Witch Project” and shows more of what the actual characters are seeing, which further shows how much more impressive “Blair Witch Project” was.

There was a lot of potential for a new “Blair Witch Project” sequel. The story could’ve been good, but the movie is just concerned with trying to scare the audience with stupid jump scares and making references to the first movie for most of the runtime. All this boils down to a film that feels like a bad “Blair Witch Project” fan film.

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