Billy Crudup Reportedly Finds Another DC Role in “The Flash” Movie

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“Almost Famous” actor, Billy Crudup, has reportedly found his way to another DC role.

“The Flash” has found it’s Henry Allen in Dr. Manhattan himself, Billy Crudup, according to Variety. As of now Crudup is only reportedly appearing in Famuyiwa’s “The Flash”, no word on a “Justice League” appearance. This will be Crudup’s second DC role, as he played Dr. Manhattan in 2009’s “Watchmen”. He’s also the third “Watchmen” actor to have a role in the DCEU. Hopefully next we can finally have Jackie-Earl Haley in the DCEU.

“The Flash” stars Ezra Miller in the title role, and Kiersy Clemens as Iris West. Rick Famuyiwa is directing, along with a screenplay written by Seth Grahame-Smith.

“The Flash” will hit theaters March 16th, 2018.

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