‘Booster Gold’ Movie Not Part of the DCEU

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Guess it was going to be too enjoyable for their tastes.

If you weren’t aware already, which given how much Warner Bros. doesn’t talk about this movie wouldn’t surprise me, there’s a Booster Gold Movie planned. The movie probably isn’t happening though. I don’t know anything you don’t, but this movie has always felt like the member of the WB/DC comics family they don’t like to talk about and never invite for the holidays.

This movie happening is even less likely now that we’ve learned, from Greg Berlanti himself in an interview with Vulture, that the Booster Gold movie will not take place in the DCEU.

As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds. It’d be a separate thing.

It’s less likely to happen, because them not putting this in the DCEU shows how much of a non priority it is for them. Also interesting how, in the interview, Berlanti prefers to the DCEU as “those worlds.” Regardless, this is a beyond idiotic decision. The only good outcome of this decision is that if the DCEU implodes, WB can just use the Booster Gold movie universe to reboot everything. This movie, if good, would serve as a great contrast to the DCEU. Just like the comics that inspire them, these these DC movies could be different tone. People complain that the MCU is too lighthearted, which it’s getting away from, but this would still be a great way for the DCEU to distinguish themselves. This is a movie that was actually planned to be more lighthearted from the beginning, instead of something like Suicide Squad that’s a fake fun. There they took a dark movie and tried to make it something it wasn’t. Hopefully we won’t be saying the same thing about Wonder Woman and Justice League.

I’ve heard people say they might just retcon and make it part of the DCEU, like what happened to Shazam. That would be good, but I feel like they should have this planned out better. People defend DC by saying that they’re just going a different route than Marvel, but that isn’t the case. DC going their own route is great, but I hate that they feel the need to rush everything out. The only reason we’re getting a Justice League movie next year is because WB just feels the need to rush it out to keep up with Marvel. That falls on the fans for putting this type of trepidation and pressure on them but also WB for listening to them.

In the end, everyone will be better off if WB just took their time with the DCEU. If they want to differentiate from Marvel so bad, they should just be a director driven cinematic universe. MCU movies can be director driven, as long as those directors do what Marvel wants. That’s why we don’t have Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man right now, or why Joss Whedon isn’t directing the next two Avengers movies. Not that I’m trying to take away from the work put in by Peyton Reed and The Russo brothers. They’re doing really well in their own right. Going back to WB, they claim the DCEU is director driven, but that totally isn’t true with how much they messed up Suicide Squad. If you’re a director that WB really trusts though, like Ben Affleck and James Wan (probably), you’re safe.

Would you guys prefer the Booster Gold movie taking place in the DCEU, or are you happy isn’t as of now? Let us know in the comments below.

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