‘Batman: Return To Arkham’ Gets New Trailer And Release Date, But is It Worth It?

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Batman: Return To Arkham has gotten a new trailer, and we finally have a release date after it was delayed indefinitely. But by the looks of the trailer, do we really need it?

The video above is the new trailer/graphic comparison. Who approved this? It’s pretty embarrassing for the developer, Virtous, honestly. The textures look to have improved from “Arkham Asylum” and “Arkham City”, but not enough to warrant spending $50 and ditching the old-gen games. Though, nothing has improved from the first trailer. The character models are still awful. Batman still has a stupid look on his face, and they took all the detail out of his cowl. Honestly, it looks like all Virtous did was brighten the game, and some cool looking rain ala “Arkham Knight”, and gave Batman a stupider face than Tobey’s crying face in “Spider-Man 3”. Let’s compare.


Yes, that is an actual comparison. When promoting your video game, aren’t you supposed to actually make it look good, Virtous? Those are actually from cut-scenes, which is even sadder. Batman’s whole suit is so much more detailed in the PS3 version. If you look closely, the pins that attach to other parts of Batman’s suit-which I assume is what keeps his suit together-aren’t even there in the PS4 version. They also seemed to have darkened his suit, rather than brightening it like the rest of the game. Too bad, I liked the blue undertone the original suit had. And is it just me or does Batman also look less muscular in the PS4 version? There’s my analysis on Batman’s suit, now let’s move on to the Joker


Why does Joker’s face looked more detailed in the PS3 version than the PS4 version? Why does it LITERALLY look like they intentionally downgraded the graphics? Well, I don’t know. Joker’s hair is much more detailed, and so is his face. Although, the brighten colors are nice since he is a clown, it doesn’t make up for the awful character model. But, it’s not all bad.

With all of these graphical downgrades and poor looking character models “Return To Arkham” needs to have something going for it. Virtuos should delay the game until early 2017, and work on it more to make it better. They should also add maybe some exclusive skins to the game to get people to buy it. But hey, it’s not all bad…

Outdoors the game looks beautiful. For some reason, the graphics are improved outdoors, but downgraded indoors.. Why this is we may never know. 

If you haven’t already sold your last-gen versions of “Arkham Asylum” and “Arkham City” then just keep them and play then. If you have sold them-like I stupidly did-then go ahead and buy it. At least the game will look good outdoors.

Hopefully Virtous didn’t let Warner Bros. in the editing room. Or maybe they did? I guess the trailers would have to actually look good for that to happen.

“Batman: Return To Arkham” is available for pre-order now, and will-hopefully-release on October 18th.



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