Watchmen Commentary

Commentary, DC Comics, Movies, Watchmen

“Who watches the Watchmen?” Well, we did (sorry).

For our latest commentary track we decided to do Watchmen. You know? That movie when people actually still liked Zack Snyder. Join us as we watch the movie, and things get… interesting, to say the least.

(DISCLAIMER: when the audio cuts out completely in cases on the commentary, we just had some bad feedback to cut out.)

Watchmen is a really interesting movie. The hype really started to build for everyone when the amazing teaser trailer┬ádebuted in front of The Dark Knight. When the movie actually came out, the hype sorta died down as the film didn’t do nearly as well at the box office as Warner Bros. was expecting. That was most likely attributed to the lengthy running time, not that great reviews, and general audiences not knowing these characters that well. Regardless of box office, Watchmen is a really solid film, and Zack Snyder and co. deserve a lot of credit for bringing this “unfilmable” graphic novel to the big screen as well as they did.

Watchmen hit theaters March 9, 2009.

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