‘Comet’ is a Beautiful, Romantic Spectacle

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“Yeah, I’m probably gonna fall in love with you.”

The 2014 indie romance drama “Comet” is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated films of the decade. It’s amazing cast, beautiful score, and brilliant writing and direction makes it a near modern romance masterpiece.

“Comet” stars Justin Long and Emmy Rossum in the lead roles of “Dell” and “Kimberly”. The film explores their relationship, jumping back and forth from a period of six years. “Comet” is written and directed by “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of romance movies, I find most to be incredibly cliché – besides a few exceptions like “American Beauty” and “The Theory Of Everything”. Going into “Comet” I didn’t expect much other than something just to pass time – I got much more.

The performances are excellent. This film made me wish Justin Long got better roles. He is brilliant in this film. He gives so much emotion in his performance. He made me feel like I was watching real events and not a movie.


Emmy Rossum is great also, though she doesn’t give the Oscar worthy performance Justin Long did.

The story is so well constructed. The film jumps back and forth over a period of six years and at first it does feel odd, but the film makes up for it in the third act when it all comes together. The odd editing builds up mystery on how the couple got together and how they split.

The score is beautiful. It’s a rare score I would listen to while not watching the film it’s featured in. The electronic, vibrant, but sometimes dreary score fits the tone in every scene.

The cinematography and visuals are excellent. There are a few shots in the film that left me stunned.

“Comet” portrays relationships better than most modern romance movies do. It shows the heartbreaks, the ups, and the downs. It’s not the cliché Nicholas Sparks formula.

“Comet” also leaves things open for interpretation, which I love. Was it all just a dream of Dell’s? Did the two get back together? It leaves you with many questions, but not in a bad way.


Overall, “Comet” turned into what I once watched to pass time, to my favorite romance film. It’s characters are so undeniably relatable, and it’s story is so well put together that it makes for one of the most beautiful experiences in any romance film ever.


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