Thoughts on Florence Foster Jenkins and Indignation

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Indignation is much better.

Forest Foster Jenkins

836eef36-5056-a872-06268902af51ab271It’s… okay. Until the 3rd act (when things really fall apart), there’s not too much inherently wrong with it. It’s just generic Oscar bait with a story that’s not terribly interesting. There’s just nothing really special about how the movie is put together, but it’s not really bad either.

Meryl Streep is good, even though it feels like she just keeps playing the same type of roles. Here it, at least, seemed like she put more effort into her performance. Hugh Grant does well with his role. Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) is easily my favorite character here. She pulled off the look of the time period well and was just the most interesting character to watch.


Last and certainly least is Simon Helberg, who I just couldn’t stand. I appreciate what he was trying to do, but he just overacted way too much.

As I said above, the 3rd act is where the movie really falls apart, which is weird, because it’s the most interesting part of the movie, plot wise.

(Beginning of spoilers for Florence Foster Jenkins):

While I liked the plot line of Bayfield and Cosme trying to prevent Florence from seeing the bad reviews, her reaction when actually finding them out was really odd. She was surprised that everyone was laughing at her and commenting how bad singing was. Did Florence just have mental issues? She clearly saw all this the night before when she performed Carnegie Hall.

(End of spoilers for Florence Foster Jenkins):

Unfortunately, the movie just feels so dragged out at the point where the movie gets interesting. That plot development in the 3rd act would’ve been better served being used as the second half. Doing it as they did could’ve worked, but the movie just needed better structure.

I’d recommend Forrest Foster Jenkins to someone who saw the trailer and really wanted to see it. If you’re someone like me, who saw the trailer and had no real interest, I wouldn’t really recommend it. See the movie I’m about to talk about instead.


indignation-sundance-20161Indignation is a a really interesting movie. More most of it, you’re really not exactly sure what the movie is trying to be about. You’re pretty much just watching Marcus’ (Logan Lerman) life take shape, so it’s one of those movies where not a ton happens, till the end. These type of movies can go either way. An example of one that doesn’t work is Seven Pounds, in which you’re not entirely sure what’s going on till the end.

ad2e2ca4-aa1a-46b8-bbd7-dfede5727ee6Only with that movie is it still doesn’t really amount to much. Unlike Indignation in which the ending of gives you a whole new perspective on the film and makes you want to think about what it was all about.

The acting is good-great. Logan Lerman and Sarah Gordon, as you’d expect, are the real standouts here. I’ve been a fan of Logan Lerman ever since The Perks of Being a Wallflower. With movies like that and Indignation, he’s really allowed to show his range. He’s so great here that you can tell a lot about his character just from the way he talks. As for Sarah Gordon, she’s great for similar reasons that Logan Lerman was. She and the movie did a great job of making you as if you were Marcus trying to figure out who she really was.

Like I said above, Indignation is a movie where not a lot happens. It’s one of those instances where it works, even better due to the ending. Even without that specific ending though, as long as the ending still amounted to something, I still would’ve enjoyed the movie. The actual ending we got just made the movie that much better.

(Spoilers for Indignation below):

I’m still thinking about that ending. We followed Marcus through this whole journey to just end up dead like his cousins at the beginning of the movie. That’s just when he seemed to be getting his life together more. He joined the fraternity, and avoided becoming his roommates, who I sorta saw as people who Marcus could’ve ended up like if he didn’t change. The twist ending was well implemented too, because the movie made it seem like the scenes of the war zone and older Olivia were just relating to Marcus’ cousins dying in the war instead of just spoiling their own movie by pretty much giving away what happens to Marcus at the end. It’s really sad since Marcus and Olivia seemed to made for each other, even if it took both of them a long time to see.

What did you you guys think of these movies, if you’ve seen either of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Indignation and Florence Foster Jenkins are in theaters now.

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