‘New Mutants’ brings on The Fault in Our Stars writers.

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Can you hurry up already? Yesterday we learned that Josh Boone’s  upcoming  New Mutants‘ will be written by his fellow Fault in Our Stars screenwriters Scott Neustadter & Micheal H. Weber.

New Mutants will be the latest spin-off in the X-Men Franchise following the adventures of Magik, Wolfsbane, Dani Moonstar, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Warlock.

The writers coming on this project is exciting news for me because I adored The Fault in Our Stars.  The writing  pair also written on such projects as (500) Days of Summer & The Spectacular Now.

Josh Boone and Knate Lee have been working on the first two drafts and now this new writing duo will hopefully be working on the final draft/shooting script.

I’m incredibly excited for this movie because this is a film that the X-Men franchise desperately needs. X-Men Apocalypse(while a box-office success) was a step down in quality after the three previous installments.

I think New Mutants similar to First Class can be that film that reinvigorates the franchise. It has all the right ingredients: A new director, a new cast, new era.  Hopefully with these new writers coming on and the guidance of Josh Boone this can be the film that gets the X-Men franchise back on track.

New Mutants is currently without a release date.

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