Box Office: ‘Suicide Squad’ Threepeats; Ben-Hur Flops


In another disappointing weekend for Paramount Pictures, Ben-Hur was put in its place by critics and audiences. While Suicide Squad continued to dominate the box office.

Suicide Squad took first place once again in its third week. Taking in an estimated $20.7 million. The critically panned supervillain team up film, has definitely proven to be a hit for Warner Bros. after “Batman V Superman” disappointed, grossing less than a billion dollars. “Suicide Squad” is estimated to hit somewhere around $700 million worldwide, this weekend’s results brought it to a worldwide total of $572 million. $262 million came from the domestic box office.

The raunchy, R-Rated, animated, Seth Rogen comedy “Sausage Party” took second place with $15.3 million. Bringing it to a domestic total of $65.3 million, and a worldwide total of $71.3 million. Which is good enough for the first R-Rated animated comedy.

Todd Philips’ wanna-be “Wolf Of Wall Street”, “War Dogs”, took third place with $14.3 million. With  a big budget of $45 million compared to its disappointing weekend results, it doesn’t look like “War Dogs” will be much of a success like Philips and WB hoped it would be.

Great reviews couldn’t save the stop motion animation family film, “Kubo And The Two Strings”. The film flopped with only $12.6 million at the domestic box office. The international box office couldn’t save it either, bringing in only $900,000, on a $60 million budget.

And in not-so-surprising box office results, Ben-Hur flopped, bringing in $11.3 million domestically, and $10.7 million internationally. It’s probably a good thing it flopped, because knowing Paramount, if it would’ve been a success we would’ve gotten ten sequels and a million unnecessary spin-offs.

Don’t forget to check out our podcast where we discuss the results and talk about our predictions for next week.

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