Black Flash will return in ‘The Flash’

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In the closing moments of The Flash season 2, Teddy Sears Hunter Zoloman was transformed into the demonic Black Flash and taken deep within the speed force.

After that jarring introduction to this character, many fans wondered if and when The Black Flash would return to Central City. Today we received confirmation that Black Flash would return, eventually.

Speaking to EW, Andrew Kreisberg explained:

“Obviously we did that on purpose,” “We love working with Teddy [Sears]. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can’t keep a good Black Flash down, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him in the future.”

So yeah, Black Flash will return in time. Personally, his introduction was very out of place during the season finale(time wraiths can change uniforms?)

But I would be open to seeing the Black Flash mythology explained a little further down the line in future seasons.

So when do you guys think Black Flash will return to The Flash and how would you like his reintroduction to go?

Sound off in the comments below.

The Flash Season 3 premieres October 4th on The CW.

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