Flashback Friday: ‘The Graduate’ (REVIEW)

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“The Graduate” is a 1967 classic, that stars Dustin Hoffman, Anne Brancroft, and Katharine Ross, and is directed by Mike Nichols. It’s centered around a college graduate (Dustin Hoffman) who is torn between his older lover (Anne Bancroft) and her daughter (Katharine Ross).

“The Graduate” is near perfection on many levels. It’s witty, it’s smart, and it knows it.

Dustin Hoffman delivers one of his best performances ever as Ben Braddock. He has charisma when it’s needed, and shows deep emotion when it’s needed.

Anne Bancroft is also excellent. Her and Hoffman have great chemistry.

The characters in the film are phenomal. There’s a lot of development throughout the film in its characters.

The film has a ton of great shots from the Academy Award winning cinematographer Robert Surtees.

Simon & Garfunkel deliver an amazing soundtrack for the film, which includes the beloved “Sound Of Silence”.

But, by far the best aspect of the film is Mike Nichols’ direction, which he won an Academy Award for. The imagery he portrays through Dustin Hoffman’s character is beautiful.

Overall, The Graduate is a timeless classic with excellent direction and acting.

The Graduate gets a 10/10.

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