Flash Season 3: The Mysterious Speedster Revealed

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Just a month away from the revival of CW DC shows,The news have begun dropping down like cats and dogs. A few days ago Mirror Master and Top, One of Flash’s Oldest Nemesis were confirmed to appear on the show. BUT! A few hours ago, the mysterious Dark Speedster was revealed as well

While The first season showcased the Reverse Flash, Hellbent on destroying Flash World, He wasnt the only one with that mindset when Hunter Zolomon took upon the mantle of Flash’s darkest Villain with an urge to steal the speedforce of every speedster in the multiverse.

Season 2 ending left everybody’s wide open as it inyroduced the concept of Flashpoint Paradox and finally death of reverse flash (OR NOT?).  But the wait has finally ended as the question to “WHO IS YOUR VILLAIN,FLASH?” has been answered During The CW’s TCA

Savitar, A Cold War pilot for a third-world nation, the man who would become known as Savitar was to test a supersonic fighter jet. As he reached top speed, his plane was struck by what appeared to be lightning, and he went down in hostile territory.naming himself after Savitar, the Hindu “god of motion”, and dedicating his life to unlocking its secret

With Great Super Speed comes a huge fan following and possibly a cult also which came to be known as Thunderbolt Agents. His obsession with Speedforce drove him to defeat and hence extract speed from Jesse and Jhonny Quick. But his wish or should i say his death came near when he tried to steal speedforce from Kid Flash, one who had a direct link with it. With a race to worldwide destruction, with the speedforce within him. he was unable to harness it and thus lost himself inside of it.

In the comics, Savitar could not only distribute his power among others but also could create a null inertia force field around himself thus displayed as a formcidable foe against the flash.

Flash is set to race to your televison in the fall, to be precise 7th october,2016 on CW with its first episode kickstarting with the flashpoint storyline.

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